Dermot Bannon's Incredible homes

STARTS Sunday, 10th February, 2019 at 9.30pm on RTE One

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Ireland’s most popular TV architect Dermot Bannon visits some stunning and unusual homes in different cities across the world. On his busman’s holiday, Dermot meets homeowners, architects and realtors who show him award-winning homes and introduce him to some incredible living spaces and experiences. Sometimes it is the homes themselves and sometimes it is the people behind the homes that are the star of these two stand alone shows.


Sunday 10th february, 2019 | RTÉ One

Dermot visits the award winning Cabbage Tree House, a stunning home embedded in the hillside of the suburbs of Bayview in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  Designed by Peter Stutchbury, the cave-like house, with its outdoor bath and breath taking views, is home to Jan and GraemePage.

During his visit to Indigo Slam, the home of one of Australia’s wealthiest woman, Dermot sees the massive staircase Judith Nielson built that “you could ride a horse up”.  He sits with Judith at the dining table that seats 60 people and he, shall we say, drools at the custom made furniture that fills this cathedral like house, including the dog-beds for Judith’s two dogs, Wasabi and Cumin.


Dermot spends a day in the world famous Harry Seidler House, which is one of the most iconic homes in Australia, and visits The Cliff House, owned by Lisa and Ralph Mobbs and designed by Renato D’Ettorre. From the street, you feel that this property is perhaps something special, but nothing can prepare you for view.

Dermot Bannon's new york homes
Dermot Bannon's L.A. Homes

RTE One, 9.30pm Sunday 10th and Sunday 17th December 2017

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Dermot bannon's new york homes

Dermot checks into his uptown apartment and begins his New York odyssey that includes a penthouse in a TriBeCa skyscraper with a view to die for, a Hamptons super home complete with basketball court and driving range, and the architectural wonder that is the ‘Farmhouse in a Hangar’ in New Jersey.


Along the way Dermot soaks up the colour of New York and visits some of his favourite sights including the famous Flatiron building and the High Line.

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dermot bannon's l.a. homes

Dermot fulfils a longterm dream of gliding along the freeway in a Mustang to begin his L.A. adventure which includes a visit to a floating glass house with spectacular seascape views on Laguna Beach; meeting renowned Irish American architect Lorcan O’Herlihy who takes him to the iconic Jai House he built for his best-selling author clients; setting foot inside a gold house deep in the Joshua Tree Desert - no mean feat as the owner turns down most requests, even Rihanna’s - and getting a glimpse inside a house shaped like a wave.

Along the way Dermot meets Kilkenny natives brothers James and John Corr who now build multi-million dollar housing developments and takes in some L.A sights, from glitzy Hollywood Boulevard to vibrant Venice Beach.