Desperate Houses

Desperate Houses

Let’s face it we are a nation of CLUTTERERS!  We love to collect things, drag them with us each time we move home, stack it in corners, on shelves, in spare rooms, and continually promise to sort it out… but we never do. 

The hit RTÉ One series is back! Each week Desperate Houses takes a cluttered home - this could belong to a family, an individual or a group of friends. We tackle their hoarding head on and offer them real solutions with an entire makeover of two of the worst rooms in their house, all done with the help of IKEA Ireland. 

Join designer and architect Róisín Murphy as she and her team of Clutter Busters sort the country's clutter problem, one house at a time. 


We're now accepting applications for the new series of Desperate Houses! If you're a clutterer with a home in desperate need of a makeover, fill out an application form online for the chance to be featured on the show! 



Episode One | Tallaght

Róisín and the Desperate Houses crew spend three days with Annette from Tallaght, helping her rescue two hopelessly cluttered bedrooms. With the help of builder Peter Finn and his crew, Róisín sets out to completely redesign the unruly top floor of the house, creating a luxury hotel style bedroom for Annette and a treatment room to help her reconnect with her skills as a Reiki master.

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Desperate Houses, Episode 2 | Raheny - The Murphy Family


Róisín and the Desperate Houses crew come to the rescue of Glenda, Maurice and their four kids in Raheny, Co. Dublin. At first, the house seems far from desperate, but it soon becomes clear that this otherwise pristine family home hides rooms so filled with clutter, they’ve become no-go area.

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Desperate Houses | Episode Three, Portlaoise


Róisín and the Desperate Houses crew join Wendy (37) Daniel (37) and their two kids Jun-Li (9) and Mae-Li (18 months) at their small two bed house in Portlaoise, Co. Laois. For ‘house’, read ‘storage facility’, because ever since Wendy moved the contents of her former hair salon into the kitchen, there’s no room to move!

Resolving to ‘perform surgery’ on the layout, Róisín hatches an ambitious plan to reclaim the ensuite and turn a two-bed house into a three-bed home.

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DH TX4 Clonmel.00_25_47_02.Still001.jpg


Róisín Murphy and the Desperate Houses crew join Bridget and Jack at their home in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary – a former B&B that’s so crammed with clutter, there’s barely room for the owners, let alone any guests!

Hemmed in by a huge legacy of bulky furniture, linen and crockery from the days of the guesthouse, Bridget and Jack are too busy bickering over the small kitchen table to enjoy their well-deserved retirement.

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Ger and Vivienne from Leixlip, Co. Kildare with Róisín Murphy - Desperate Houses.jpg


Róisín Murphy and the Desperate Houses crew join Vivenne, Ger and their five young kids at their mid-terrace 3-bedroom house in Leixlip, County Kildare.

Faced with her most challenging redesign yet, Roisin suggests a roof light in the kitchen to illuminate the dark and dreary living room. With such a small space to design for and with so many functional demands, the new kitchen layout is not solved until the last hours of the makeover.

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Desperate Houses, Episode 6, Donegal, Architect Roísín Murphy with homeowner Margaret


Donegal. Vast, unspoiled, largely empty. But not this house. The person who lives here shares her space with a collection of clothes, furniture and bric-a-brac that’s growing by the day because she can’t say no to a bargain. Meet Margaret.

Architect and designer Róisín Murphy along with her team are going to help Margaret declutter the items that she no longer needs and give her the space that she craves – her very own sanctuary in her bedroom and a much-needed sitting room for her and her many visitors to enjoy.

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