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Throughout COCO Television's 30 years in business we have produced
a wide variety of programmes for various different broadcasters. 



Made in America was a four-part series that told the stories of four ordinary, young Irish people who rejected the allure of the Celtic Tiger in search of another life across the pond.  Capturing their energy and enthusiasm with dramatic photography and honest and humorous interviews, the series explored their successes and failures, expectations and disillusionments, and their resolve to get back on their feet and win the game despite failures and obstacles.

4 x 60" | RTE ONE | 2006

Treasure Island RTE COCO Television

Treasure Island

Treasure Island was one of Ireland's first major reality programme. It ran for two series, airing through the summers of 2001 and 2002 on RTÉ One. Based on a New Zealand format, two groups of strangers lived and survived on a remote island in Tonga with one winner taking home the £50,000 prize. COCO Television also produced the spin-off series Treasure Island Uncut and Treasure Island Live for RTÉ Network 2.

2x Series | RTÉ ONE | 2001 - 2002

Cabin Fever.jpg


A reality series in which a group of eleven contestants most of whom had no sailing experience sail around the coast of Ireland in a wind-powered sailing ship. Each week one contestant was scheduled to quite literally "walk the plank" after being voted off the ship by TV viewers. The final surviving contestant received €100,000 in prize money. 

8x60" | RTÉ ONE | 2003

Living the dream.jpg


A four-part series about Irish families who've always dreamt of moving abroad but are cautious of taking the plunge. The series gave them the opportunity to live their dream for a week - without sinking their lifelong savings into a venture they're not 100% sure will succeed. The question is, will it be the dream they long for or the nightmare they fear?

4x60" | RTÉ ONE | 2007

House Hunters.jpg

House Hunters (In the sun0

Buying a house is the greatest investment most of us will ever make. House Hunters, presented by property locator Liz O'Kane and property investment expert Ian Lawlor helped buyers all over the country find their perfect home.  House Hunters ran for multiple series including the more sunny and exotic' House Hunters in the Sun.

36x30" | RTÉ ONE | 2001 - 2008

Desperate Houses RTE

Desperate Houses

Interior designer Avril Murphy Allen visits some of the most cluttered houses in Ireland with her team of de-clutteres to help turn some of the most Desperate Houses into dreamy havens. Clutter Queens and Packrats a plenty. 

15x 30" | RTÉ ONE | 2005 - 2009

The Great Escape RTE COCO Television

The Great Escape

The Great Escape followed Irish families taking the plunge, and leaving Ireland in search of a better life. Following  four families who have decided that, even in economic boom times, they long for a better future for themselves and their children. We see them setting up businesses, developing new careers, making new friends, and overcoming huge cultural differences.

4x60" | RTÉ ONE |  2008

totes 2014.jpg

Totes 2014

Eoghan McDermot fronted another rollicking romp through the top 20 showbiz, news and sports stories of 2014, aided and abetted by a smattering of famous faces. Jennifer Maguire, Bressie, Vogue Williams and Bernard O'Shea gave their take on missing planes, retiring sports stars, soccer players who pack a punch with a bite and why buckets of water gave us some liquid gold.

1 x 60" | RTÉ 2 | 2014

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